Kawai CN25

Kawai CN27

These days, digital piano’s are becoming increasingly alike their acoustic cousins, but without the drawbacks of taking up so much space and needing to be retuned. The ability to have a volume control is also a huge advantage. To this effects, Kawai have once again produced an instrument of beauty and authenticity, the Kawai CN25 Digital Piano.

Kawai have incorporated their RH3 action that replicates to the smallest detail, the touch response and sensation that you would find on high-end grand pianos. This is complimented with a triple sensor key detection system that will translate your touch to the progressive harmonic imaging system sound engine. The result for you, the player means that every aspect of your performance is presented with stunning accuracy and detail, making this one of the best digital piano’s to play on the market today.

Equal attention has been paid to the ‘grand feel’ pedal system, which supports half-peddling techniques, identical to that of a grand piano.12042149_10156079254305721_712188574_n