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Kawai CN301 Digital Piano; Satin Black

The Kawai CN301 digital piano is the perfect piano for pianists who want something a little better than an entry-level model without the expense of a flagship model. The CN301 features the legendary Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano sound, as well as the improved Responsive Hammer III keyboard action.

The large OLED display, along with the intuitive panel button layout makes it easy to access all the extra sounds and functions that the CN301 has to offer. This instrument is compatible with the Kawai PianoRemote and PiaBookPLayer score viewer apps from your touchscreen iOS or Android devices.

The top-facing speaker configuration has been upgraded over previous models using Kawai 360 degree diffuser panels. This means that a natural sound is heard from everywhere in the room.

The Kawai CN301 benefits from a total of 45 sounds, with a maximum polyphony of 256 notes. The onboard metronome offers all the popular time signatures, as well as 100 drum rhythms to make practice more fun!

An onboard USB Audio Recorder allows you to record your performance in high-resolution audio .WAV files which can be shared with friends & family or uploaded to the internet for the whole World to hear.

Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) enhances the headphone sound output so that the piano sounds just as good with earphones, as it does through its own internal 20w + 20w speaker system.

Kawai CN301

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