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The GL10 features Kawai’s Millennium III Action, with components made from ABS-Carbon, which is light and strong, giving more durability and control than traditional wooden actions. Longer keys and concert-length key buttons make for an easy playing feel while giving great power.

The soundboard on the GL10 is made from straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce – tapered strategically to produce the best possible sound. The result is a piano with a beautiful tone that allows expressive playing, from very quiet to more powerful moments.

Other features of the Kawai GL10 include:

Agraffes - ensuring string alignment and consistency of ”speaking length”

Hardwood Bridge - solid maple/beech, for correct string pressure and best tonal output

V-pro plate - strong and stable

Pinblocks - fully laminated with layers of North American hard maple for maximum strength and balance

Tuning pins - made from high quality carbon steel, nickel plated to provide long-term protection

Steel-reinforcement - prevents warping and keys from sticking to the keyslip, as well as supporting the action in the keybed

Soft-Fall Fallboard - to prevent injury to hands or damage to the finish of the piano

Kawai GL10

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