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Kawai's K15E piano is an excellent quality entry-level instrument from a major Japanese piano manufacturer. The K15E should be considered alongside the Yamaha B1 and Feurich 115 models. We think the Kawai K15E is one of the best sounding pianos in this price bracket and is ideal for first-time new piano buyers. The compact design of the cabinet means the K15E will not be too intrusive in the modern home, and the high gloss polyester finish is simply stunning.

The Kawai K15E upright piano features a solid spruce soundboard, which is unusual for an instrument in this price range. Most other instruments at a similar price are fitted with a laminated soundboard. The soundboard is one of the most important parts of a piano and gives the piano 'it's voice'. The soundboard is a large piece of wood that the strings are stretched across. 'Ribs' are positioned across the soundboard to give strength and also evenly distribute the tone across the whole of the soundboard. The benefit of a solid soundboard, as found on the Kawai K15E, ensures that maximum tone is produced and not hindered by traveling through multiple layers of wood, which is what happens with a laminated soundboard

Kawai K15E

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