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Kawai K200 ATX4 Anytime Silent Piano

The Kawai K200 ATX4 Silent Piano takes the popular K200 standard acoustic model and adds a factory-fitted silencer system to allow practice sessions without disturbing neighbours or other people in the household. The best thing about ATX4 series pianos is that they offer the true keyboard touch & sound of an acoustic instrument, combined with the convenience & functions of a digital piano.

Kawai ATX4 Anytime Silent System

The ATX4 silent system is one of the most advanced piano silencer systems on the market today. With its discreet control panel and minimalist user interface, at first glance, it is hard to distinguish the K200 ATX4 Anytime model from the standard K200 acoustic piano.

The physical components of the ATX4 silent piano system are fitted in Kawai's factory as part of the piano manufacturing process. This is far superior to retro-fitted silencer systems because the cable management, keyboard sensors, hammer stop rail, and electronics are integrated into the design of the instrument and therefore offers the most reliable and accurate method of combining electronic & acoustic piano technologies without compromising the performance of the original instrument.

Kawai K200 ATX 4

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