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The K300 features Kawai's exclusive Millennium III Upright Action. Components made from ABS-Carbon are used in the action, which is lighter than traditional piano action components, yet none of the strength is sacrificed. This results in a fast and powerful action, giving more control and stability than wooden piano actions. Great care and detail has gone into every aspect of the K300, including the finest quality T-stapled hammers, which preserve shape and generate an exceptional tone with an added interior layer of underfelt. Other features of the K300 include:

Dual-beam aluminium HAMMER rail

Die-cast aluminium brackets

ABS-Carbon flange & serrated rail surface

Steel, machine-threaded tuning pins

Strong, balanced back assembly

Energy-reflecting contour bars

Tapered soundboard made of solid spruce

Wide 1 metre long music desk

Cast brass pedals

Kawai K300

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