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Kawai K300 AURES 2 Hybrid Piano

The Kawai K300 AURES-2 upright piano truly completes the divide between the organic expressiveness of an acoustic piano and the convenient, advanced functionality of a digital instrument. Sharing the same digital technology as the popular Kawai ATX4 Anytime silent models, the K300 AURES-2 adds a built-in sound system so that the digital aspects of the instrument can be heard without the requirement of headphones.

Using specially designed transducers, the digital sound is amplified using the natural wood components of the piano's soundboard. This not only allows the piano to be played in 'digital mode', but also gives the opportunity for mixing the digital tones with the pure acoustic voice of the piano. Imagine being able to play the acoustic piano, but hear the beautiful sound of a string orchestra following your every note - you can do it with the K300 AURES-2 piano!

Kawai K300 Aures

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