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The K400 is a unique model from Kawai, that is based on the popular K300 model but with cabinet features of the premium K800 model. The other key difference to note is that the K400 is manufactured in Japan, where there is access to the finest materials and craftmanship, whereas the K300 is produced in Indonsia.

Exclusive Millennium III Action

The K400 features Kawai's exclusive Millennium III Upright Action. Components made from ABS-Carbon are used in the action, which are lighter than traditional piano action components, yet none of the strength is sacrificed. This results in a fast and powerful action, giving more control and stability than wooden piano actions. Great care and detail has gone into every aspect of the K400, including the finest quality T-stapled hammers, which preserve shape and generate exceptional tone with an added interior layer of underfelt. Other features of the K400 include:

Kawai K400

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