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Ritmüller RS122 Upright Piano

Part of the spectacular Superior range from Ritmüller lineup, the RS-122 is an instrument that offers an experience that few other pianos in this price bracket can match. Supported by elegant and boastful design by European consultants, this stunning piano has a truly unique warming yet bright tone that is brimming with sound and character and will inspire play for years to come.

Heritage Quality And Tonality

Standing at 122cm tall, the RS122 packs an incredible level of sound into a relatively compact traditional frame and cabinet. As such, this piano is ideal for the home or institutions looking for a taller, more powerful instrument that allows for exceptional expression and touch response. Whilst the Ritmüller lineup offers incredibly versatile tonal expression, the RS122 brings with it a unique sense of warmth and fullness that lends it beautifully to both romantic classical and jazz experimentation.

The RS122 sets new standards for price performance and is warmly welcomed by leading piano retailers and pianists around the world due to it’s incredible touch response, and perfectly balanced dynamic projection, the RS122 offers a superior alternative for those looking to continue experimenting with the fortissimo and pianissimo alike.

Made Using Materials and Mechanisms That Matter

Made by the expert hands at Pearl River, Ritmüller instruments utilise the latest materials and precision-manufacturing techniques to ensure the entire piano is made to the highest standards of quality and performance. The all spruce tapered soundboard is testimony to this and delivers a whole host of colour and wonder into your play, whilst the German higher quality hammer felts and string wire, traditional sand-cast iron frame, ebony sharps, double wheel castors and a slow-fall mechanism all continue to add to the allure of this instrument.


Product Information

Colour: Ebony polish

Ebony sharp: Yes

Slow fallboard: Yes

Hardware: Silver Hardware

Strings: Röslau Strings, Made in Germany

Hammers: Pearl River Hammers, felts Made in Germany

Soundboard: All Spruce Tapered Soundboard

Action: Pearl River Action

Ritmuller RS122

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