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Ritmüller RS150 Grand Piano

A sensational baby grand for any home or studio, the Ritmüller RS150 marks a hallmark of quality and musical possibility. Part of the spectacular Superior range from Ritmüller lineup, the RS-150 is sensational instrument that offers an experience that few other pianos in this price bracket can match. Supported by elegant and boastful design by European consultants, this stunning piano has a truly unique warming yet bright tone that is brimming with sound and character and will inspire play for years to come.

Germanic Heritage with Pristine Asian Execution

Featuring beautiful brass hardware and German Röslau wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings, the RS150 is made from the finest materials and overwatched by world renowned piano experts, ensuring the highest level of quality control, using traditional European production techniques whilst still maintaining an incredible price point.

The solid spruce soundboard and Pearl River Hammers and actions with Imported German Reinforced White Felt with Mahogany Core gives the RS150 a sensationally warm tone that allows for the finest expression for a vast array of playing styles and a joy to both the eyes and ears.

Ritmuller RS150

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