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New Shigeru Kawai SK6 Grand Piano

The Shigeru Kawai SK6 grand piano is an instrument of profound beauty and character that will captivate both the eyes and ears in any performance setting. A powerhouse of tonal richness and refinement.

L = 214cm (7´0")

W = 154cm

More about Shigeru Kawai Pianos...

From initial design, to the selection of the finest materials, to the handcrafted assembly by Master Piano Artisans, each Shigeru piano is a work of uncomprimising craftsmanship, a symbol of unending devotion - a profound expression of pride and honour. Whether it is select spruce for the soundboard, premium mahogany for the hammers, or choice maple for the bridge, the material chosen for every distinct part of a world-class piano must be perfect for the task. Shigeru craftsmen have spent decades reifining this uncommon ability to discern between the satisfactory and sublime. The synergy of these highest quality materials working together means that one can hear and feel the tonal refinements in every note of a Shigeru piano.

There are many unique features of a Shigeru Kawai such as the the custom-tapered soundboard, made exclusively from the finest spruce, aged by the traditional Kigarashi process that uses only the forces of time and nature to allow the wood to attain a state of natural balance - an extremely lengthy and painstaking process that gives Shigeru pianos their uniquely rich tonal quality

Shigeru Kawai SK6

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